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KKCSI established in 2017 with a desire to upgrade the web hosting security. Previously known as kkboss.com established since 2003. We set out to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world, and that’s our promise. We don’t settle and are here to stay. Join the growing club of 1,000+ companies who made the switch to better, faster hosting.

KKCSI in Cyber Security
KKCSI in Cyber Security Hosting

KKCSI use the best security software and hardware in the market to protect your websites, emails and databases.

If your website hacked by others, emails always infected by malwares and viruses. Contact us for a FREE Penetration Test. Means, we can do a simple analysis on your website, your existing hosting server and give you some advises.

If you want to change hosting to us. We will help you migrate everything. Free of Charge.

KKCSI in Cyber Security
Why Choose KKCSI

KKCSI respect clients’ privacy and confidential. We encourage our clients to take our Cloud Email Solution, it is a good way to help to protect your email privacy. Other Web Hosting companies may keep on asking you to upgrade to more Disk Space when your email accounts growing. We try to help our clients to save cost.