Authentic Sabah-Styled Cuisines at Yee Fung Coffee Shop

Famous for its Sabah-style “Curry Laksa Noodles” and “Claypot Chicken Rice”, Yee Fung Coffee Shop is located at No: 127, Gaya Street, in Kota Kinabalu City. Formerly known as the Jesselton during the British colonial era, Kota Kinabalu City is also the State Capital of Sabah. Yee Fung Coffee Shop has been operating since 1984.

Quality and originality of flavour guaranteed by decades of development

Operated by Mr Cheng, this coffee shop has a humble beginning back in 1984, started with just a small noodle stall. With perseverance and hard works, in year 2008 Cheng bought the entire shop located at the ground floor of the 5-storey building, and expanded the business by introducing a wide variety of “Sabah Styled / Flavoured” beverages and cuisines which he had developed over the decades. All the cuisines and beverages are prepared using quality local ingredients, so as to preserve their quality and flavour.

Accolades include being graced by many popular TV hosts, actresses and actors

Besides its unique Sabah-flavoured cuisines, Yee Fung Coffee Shop is also well-known for its clean environment and reasonable prices. With commendable word of mouth by satisfied customers, it has over the years become a favourite place among overseas visitors / tourists from such countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and even from Europe and the United States. During their stay in Kota Kinabalu City, they would make it a point to patronize Yee Fung Coffee Shop, to try out the various authentic local cuisines that it had to offer. Naturally, it had also become a favourite food outlet for popular TV hosts, actresses and actors, to film their cuisine program.